High School Head Coach:  Ron Gustafson -
Middle School Head Coach:  TBD


High School Head Coach:  Greg Zimmerer -
Middle School Head Coach: TBD

Meet the Coach - Ron Gustafson

♦ School(s) Attended: Eastern Illinois University
♦ Sport(s) Played/Coached: Played football (EIU)); Coached: Golf, softball, and football
♦ Church: Southeast Christian Church
♦ Family: Wife, Cindy; Daughter, Ashleigh (CAL grad); Stepson, Shawn 
♦ Occupation: Retired

How did you come to CAL? Coach Rice’s brother recruited me to coach in 2001.

In what ways do you use golf to teach your golfers about Jesus? In golf there are obstacles and struggles. The same is true in life. Our team motto is “Control what you can control and let God take care of the rest”.

What motivates you to give of your time and talents to coach? Being retired has allowed me the opportunity to coach again. It’s fun to teach the girls life skills as well as golf skills. My best thinking is done out on the golf course.

What book of the bible or scripture do you lean on most? I take my daily devotion verse and use it for that day. I try to teach that there is so much more to life than just golf.

What is the hardest course you’ve played? Valhalla by far!

Anything you would like to share about this upcoming season/team? I have such a great support team with Mark and Tom. They keep me grounded and I look forward to continuing what they have been doing. This year’s girls are like sponges. The are eager to learn and that’s really fun. Every girl is my daughter out there.


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