God, our Provider: Separation

God as Provider Genesis 22:3-5


 Mr. Jeff Wallace opened chapel with laughter today. Several students dressed in silly hats and one student had to spell the name, Isaac.

 We remember that God provided Abraham with a son, Isaac, which means “laughter”. Abraham and Isaac were on their way to worship. They separated themselves from the servants so they could focus on God.

 Like Abraham, we need to separate ourselves from distractions during worship. Think about what takes your attention away from God. Is it:

  •  Sitting next to a friend  you are tempted to talk to?
  •  Wearing jewelry, like a rainbow loom bracelet, you’re tempted to play with?

 How exciting, Rock Creek students, teachers and parents get to worship together every week. This is our opportunity to separate from distractions and focus on God. Most importantly, Mr. Wallace reminded us, we do not have to worship- we get to worship!