Rock Creek Service Chapel Day Honoring Military Men and Women


Rock Creek Service Chapel Day
Honoring Military Men and Women
Wednesday, February 23

Why have a Service Chapel Day ...
  • Puts our beliefs into action 
  • Encourages students to become the hands and feet of Jesus through serving others 
  • Develops and nurtures cross grade level friendships through Chapel Buddies 
  • Encourages family communication and interaction 

What we are doing in Chapel on February 23 …

  • Pack care boxes to send overseas 
  • Students sit in chapel groups and pack boxes 
  • Parent volunteers help record mailing and package information 
  • Write cards/notes to accompany homemade goodies for the Warrior Transition Battalion 
  • Record video messages for those serving overseas 
  • Chapel Buddies plan and practice messages during Chapel then record in the library from Feb. 23-28 

How Rock Creek families can help ...

  • All students are asked to bring in $2 that will contribute towards postage Each Chapel group will prepare two boxes 

 ** Parents, please allow your child to "earn" this money

Grades 3-5 are asked to bring in one or two items from this list:

  • White socks (ankle or calf) 
  • Green socks (calf) 
  • Gum 
  • Name brand sunblock-sticks 
  • Chapstick 
  • Peanut butter 
  • Baby wipes 
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Condiment packets (hot sauce, ketchup, salsa) 
  • Beef jerky 
  • Nuts 
  • Canned/dried fruit 
  • Coffee 

Grades K-2 are asked to bring in homemade cookies or brownies (bagged 8-10 items per bag). Store bought works too, but please send individual bags of items.

Additional Information

  • Money and items for boxes may be sent to school prior to February 23 Chapel buddies will record video messages in the library before and after school from February 23-28. Video messages sent to the USO in Ft. Knox for delivery overseas. No student names will be used in video messages. 
  • Warrior Transition Battalion in Ft. Knox meets needs of service men and women in transition. Most are recovering from injuries and in the process of preparing to return to their families. Others are receiving treatment and therapy in preparation to serve another tour. While far from home, they appreciate receiving homemade goodies and notes. 
  • Pray! As a family pray for the men and women who will receive our gifts. Pray for safety, healing, and that they come to know Jesus Christ. Ask your child the name of his/her Chapel Buddy and then pray for the Buddy and his or her family.