Rock Creek is Special

I've heard it from my first day here: "Rock Creek is special."

For years I have tried to place my finger on exactly what it is that makes Rock Creek special and different than the other campuses in the Christian Academy School System.

Is it that this campus hosts students in preschool through fifth grade only? Yes, that does give the campus a sweet, innocent feeling. The clubs and programs, the environment that has been cultivated, and the community of parents are connected by a common thread -- sharing a special season of life where most of the little ones have not yet reached double-digits in age.

Christian Academy School System | Our Heart: Rock Creek is Special

Is it that Rock Creek was the first campus in the Christian Academy School System? Yes, being the first campus established way back in 1978 and growing to four campuses today, from humble beginnings, lends a very nostalgic view. There are stories upon stories of personal and financial sacrifice, prayer vigils, and commitments made by families to do whatever it took to establish an excellent, Christ-centered school.

Christian Academy School System | Our Heart: Rock Creek is Special

It is both of those things, but so much more. It's indescribable in words, and can only be fully understood and appreciated by experiencing day-to-day life at Rock Creek in person.

Nurturing and love permeate the air, and tenderness guides little ones as they flourish in this emotionally, physically and spiritually safe environment. The environment has been created and deeply seeded by staff and faculty who are focused on the needs of these little ones, and tailored to parents raising children in the early stages.

It's a feeling that meets you at the door.

It's a warmth that reaches out and grabs you.

But it is even more than that.

The Holy Spirit fills the classrooms, lunchroom, gym, courtyard and walkways. The little ones meet Him every morning on this holy ground where Christian Academy launched its deep roots. The children respond with voices, minds and hearts that are pure, with unbridled heartfelt praise and innocence.

Rock Creek Chapel 11613 from Christian Academy on Vimeo.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Rock Creek is a touch of heaven right here in Louisville.

- A Christian Academy Parent

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