In addition to 19 AP and 24 honors courses, Christian Academy of Louisvilleā€™s English Station High School offers two programs of distinction. The School of the Arts and the School of Biomedical Science offer a rigorous curriculum with robust hands-on experiences that equip students for professional and/or collegiate preparation in these areas of study.

In the arts, students can focus on choral, instrumental and visual arts. Students pursuing a diploma of distinction from the School of the Arts are required to take additional core performance or artistic development courses, AP classes and participate in performance/artistic competitions.

In science, students desiring a diploma distinction from the School of Biomedical Science are required to take AP science courses and four courses that concentrate in biomedical study. Additionally, students participate in both global and local health initiatives, community and/or international service projects, create a portfolio, participate in an internship and acquire CPR medical training and certification.

Additional information on these programs is available in the links above or by contacting the high school counselors at English Station.