Both music and art are integral parts of the curriculum for all age levels.



Christian Academy School System | Rock Creek Campus | ArtsMusic students at Rock Creek are instructed in all aspects of musical learning. The curriculum emphasizes active music-making and seeks to develop and encourage students in the areas of pitch matching, beat/rhythm competency, improvisation, composition, music literacy, and to foster a life-long love of music.

Instruction is Orff-based and utilizes singing, speech, movement, drama, percussion and recorder to reach children of all learning styles and musical preferences. Technology is also incorporated into the music classroom through use of SMART Board software for music as well as the use of websites that focus on music theory concepts.

Our ultimate goal is to enable students to develop their God-given musical gifts so that they feel independent and confident in sharing music with others for the glory of our God.



Christian Academy School System | Rock Creek Campus | ArtsEvery child can draw. Just ask first graders, “Who in this class is an artist?” Every hand will fly up! But, ask again in third grade and many will be hesitant. By fifth grade few children think they are artists. What happens to the confidence of those early years? Our art curriculum is designed so each student will see him or herself as an artist. The overarching pattern statement of the art curriculum is: Variety and details create interest. God created each student in His image to be interesting, unique, and to experience life in abundance.

Rock Creek students learn about themselves and the world around them through drawing, painting, and sculpture to create art about a variety of subjects. The young artists learn the elements of art: line, shape, color, texture, space, value, and form. Their artistic creations also implement the principles of design: pattern, rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis, unity, and variety.

Art classes at Rock Creek teach students to create works of art rich in variety and detail while encouraging them to discover the variety and details in our world, God’s creation.