Once a week our school community joins together in a time of worship. This is a highlight of the week! Parents are encouraged to attend! This is a special time for our community to offer our worship and thanks to the Lord.

Elementary students have the privilege of hearing from Christian leaders from the area. For the 2018-2019 school year, we are focusing on the Servant’s Heart! In the fall our theme is the characteristics needed to be a godly servant. Then, in the spring, we will be learning about ways to take the Servant’s Heart and act on it!

Junior Academy students have the privilege of listening to their teachers bring meaning to biblical truths as they begin to shape their biblical worldview. In addition, students learn songs to further their understanding and take the lesson with them.

Student-led Chapel
Being at a small campus our students have ample opportunity to lead chapel. Every elementary class takes a turn in leading chapel with pledges, Bible verses, and most importantly, prayer. We also have a Worship Team. These students create and run the visuals, set up the equipment and lead the music portion of worship. These students learn first-hand the work required to prepare to serve the Lord, even coming to “Worship Team Bootcamp” in the summer.

Chapel Buddies
Each student at Rock Creek has a chapel buddy – a student from another grade! Once a month we meet in chapel families – small groups made up of several sets of chapel buddies. The worship these days encourages the development of relationships between students of different grade levels and fosters the family culture here at Rock Creek.

During the year our campus engages in a variety of mission projects. The students make cards for the military, assemble Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes and donate old toys, books and shoes to local ministries. In addition, we have partnered with a local elementary school to provide them with various ongoing needs. These are just some of the possibilities!

Parent Prayer Time
Join a group of faithful parents who meet together in prayer for our students and school community just prior to chapel each week from 8-8:15 a.m.