Alumni Events & Reunions

A Look Back at 2016-2017 Alumni Events


We can help you with planning your reunion by:

  • Connecting you with classmates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Providing direction for choosing a reunion location and/or providing assistance in kicking off your reunion weekend in conjunction with our football homecoming or alumni basketball night.
  • Assisting with coverage for your event in our newsletter and on social media.

Upcoming Reunions: 

  • Class of 2012-  5 Year
  • Class of 2007-10 Year
  • Class of 2002-15 Year
  • Class of 1997-20 Year
  • Class of 1992-25 Year
  • Class of 1987-30 Year
  • Class of 1982-35 Year

Where Are They Now?

Hello, fellow CAL alumni! Allow me to introduce myself to those whom I've not yet met. My name is Andrew Pryor, I’m married to Angie (who also attended CAL) and we have two daughters, Reagan (almost 12) and Macy (10). I graduated from CAL in 1988 along with about 34 other seniors. Remember the courtyard lockers, PE in Seneca Park across the street and the sweet old janitor "Mr. Mac?" Both of my brothers (Tre, class of '84, and Matthew, class of '92) graduated from CAL. We started attending in CAL's first year at the Rock Creek Campus, so you know CAL has been a part of our family culture for many years now!

After graduating from UK, I did web design/development for almost 17 years, and then my career took an unexpected turn. I hurt my mid-back in 1999 and have had to get epidural shots every three months or so for the past 16 years. As part of my pain-relief regimen, I started getting massages with some regularity. Massage therapy, along with my shots, has made all the difference in allowing me to live a somewhat pain-free life, non-reliant on medications. A couple of years ago, I felt like it was time to change career paths but wasn’t sure where God would lead me.

After much prayer and research into various businesses, Angie and I decided to open Elements Massage in the new Middletown Commons shopping center at the corner of I-265 and Shelbyville Rd. Because massage has been so helpful to me, I understand the clients' needs and I’m all about customer service. Combine the two with something that’s incredibly helpful to those with health issues (like myself) and the massage business makes sense for us. We’ve got a certified staff of therapists to meet the various needs people may have and are excited to see how this business might grow.

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