Fine Arts Diploma

Musical Arts Course Load


Bible | English | Math | Science | Health & P.E. | Foreign Language | Primary Ensemble

*Applied Instrument | Secondary Ensemble


Bible | English | Math | Science | Social Studies | Foreign Language | Primary Ensemble

*Applied Instrument | Secondary Ensemble


Bible | English | Math | Science | Social Studies | Elective | Primary Ensemble

*Applied Instrument | Secondary Ensemble


Bible | English | Math | Computer | Social Studies | AP Music Theory | Primary Ensemble

*Applied Instrument | Secondary Ensemble

*These classes meet outside the school day.

Applied Instrument:

  • Private lessons requirement.
  • Performance assessments each semester.
Primary Ensemble:
  • Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
Secondary Ensemble: 
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Marching Band/Instrumental Techniques
  • Jazz Band
  • Choir 
  • Symphonic Orchestra
Music Electives (Jr./Sr. Only):
  • Music Theory and History
  • AP Music Theory
  • Conducting 

Performing Arts Course Descriptions

Applied Instrument - For this course, students will be required to take weekly private lessons from an approved professional teacher on their instrument. Students will be required to play a performance assessment at the end of each semester, which will count for one quarter of their large ensemble grade. In addition, each student will be required to try out for KMEA All-State Band, Choir, or Orchestra and to perform at KMEA Solo and Ensemble District Festival.

Chamber Ensemble - This course offering will be the string player’s main secondary ensemble option. Students will be placed in small ensembles which will rehearse after school two days a week. These ensembles will perform at various school and community functions, and the groups will also participate in the KMEA Solo and Ensemble District Festival. Band students who are unable to take Marching Band may take Chamber Ensemble as their secondary option, pending director approval.

Marching Band/Instrumental Techniques - This course will be required for all incoming wind players and percussionists. All band students are required to participate in Marching Band or color guard their first year but may opt to continue participation after their first year. Instrumental Techniques will be offered in the spring for wind players and percussionists. During this course, students will learn all of the major/minor scales, intonation tendencies on their individual instruments, and the history of their instruments. This class will be assessed by a paper due at the end of the spring semester written about some aspect of their individual instrument