Special Recognition

All District Members

  • All District Band (High School) - Emily McKinley, Natalie Cline, Sarah Morgan, Kelly McMichael, JJ Lee, Tyler Clements, Mitchell Manuel, Jeff Read, Brendan Calhoun, Ryan St. Clair, Michael Riley, Adam Carbone, Claire Sitlinger, Daniel Rhodes, Will Meadows, Jon Watts, David Parks
  • All District Band (Middle School) - Hunter Jennings, Jordan Plunkett, Cameron Taylor, Cole Taylor, Dylan Yates

All State Members
  • KMEA All State Band - Adam Carbone, Daniel Rhodes

  • All State Orchestra - Elise Johnson

  • All State Choir (Senior High) - Kathryn Greenleaf, Ellen Hughes, Chase Karlen, Seth Kornegay, Jared Long, Josue Mora, Danielle Sampson, Abigail Stivers, Jeffrey Walters, Nicole White
  • Kentucky Junior High Choir - Lauren Denton, Natalie McQuade, Emily Merrill, Alivia Posey-Thompson, Kassy Tallmann
  • Kentucky Children's Choir - Carter Adams, Ellie Determann, Kristen Price, Jana Riley

Concerto Competition Winner
  • 2011  Michael Babiarz
  • 2012  Samuel Jackson
  • 2013  Michaela Babiarz 
  • 2014  Elise Johnson

WKU (Western Kentucky University) Honors Band

  •  Emily McKinley, Jennifer Stratton, Kelly McMichael, Sarah Morgan, Tyler Clements, Zach Calhoun, Jeff Read, Adam Carbone, Daniel Rhodes

University of Louisville Honors Choir

  • Lindsey Bell, Adam Carbone, Ellie Hughes, Seth Kornegay, Abby Stivers, Matt Sunderland, Lindsay Thoman, Jeff Walters


2013 - The Centurion Marching Band are State Finalists!
The Centurion Marching Band competed in the Kentucky Music Educators Association State Marching Band Competition where they presented a magnificent field show entitled “And The Stone Was Rolled Away.”  

Christian Academy of Louisville hosted the Semi-Final 2A Competition where the top four bands (out of 16) moved on to State Finals Competition at Papa John’s Stadium.  For the first time ever, the Marching Centurions not only moved on to the State Finals, but was awarded fourth place.  They performed with excellence at a very high level, and they did so while presenting a performance that unashamedly presented the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection to a secular audience.  Congratulations!