Upcoming Trips

2017-2018 School Year

Fall Trips

  • Barren Heights, KY | October 19-22, 2017 (Fall Break)
    We will partner with Barren Heights Ministry. This trip will allow you to be a servant, love on and encourage families with physically or developmentally disabled children. You will act as counselors while facilitating a safe environment for the children to have fun. You will also work on construction projects for the camp.

Summer Break Trips

  • Honduras | June 8-17, 2018
    While working with the Santidad Church in La Paz, the Honduras mission trip’s primary goal is to spread the love of Christ by providing medical care to impoverished areas that need it. Bringing together doctors from the states and students from CAL to work alongside Honduran doctors and youth to care for the sick and hurting, this trip primarily heals the spirit through healing the body. The students experience everyday living at the La Paz orphanage while interacting with the children in their daily route. They also celebrate with Compassion International children by showering them with love through crafts, stories, games, and piñata time. The CAL students share their personal testimonies as a powerful witness to the continuing work of Christ, adding the trip itself into the story of their own spiritual journey.

    The following is a video that captures the experience of students who served on the 2017 team.    


  • Costa Rica | June 10-16, 2018
    While we love playing sports, we promise this trip’s focus is on spreading the Gospel and being “sent missionaries” with a collective love for the game. Our students will play basketball and volleyball games with Costa Rican players while sharing the Gospel and their testimonies during halftime of their games. Our students will also have the opportunity to lead children in clinics where they will learn the basic fundamentals of both sports. We will also deliver meals to families in extreme poverty and have the honor of helping to lead church services with our host Score International.

    *Girls/Boys Basketball Teams and Girls Volleyball Teams ONLY

    The following is a video that captures the experience of students who served on the 2017 team.

  • Poland | June 22 - July 1, 2018
    CAL’s yearly trip to Poland to work with ProEm Ministries during the summer is primarily about building relationships with the children attending a Summer Sports/Bible camp. Our team works as counselors and engages the campers in a multitude of activities. While playing games, the students build bonds with the children that allow them to share the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in a personal way. ProEm camp allows the students to not only have fun, but to show the love of Christ to the children who might not get it otherwise. This trip fulfills the command to love the little ones. The gospel is spread even through the smallest of acts, like making salvation bracelets.

    The following is a video that captures the experience of students who served on the 2017 team.

  • China | Summer 2018
    Join us and students from Christian Academy of Indiana as we travel to Beijing to explore the history and culture of China.  Even more important than becoming culturally aware, is the opportunity the students will have to get to serve out the Gospel by sharing and showing the love of Christ in a foster home and Chinese village. We will also get the honor of visiting some of our exchange students who are at home over summer vacation.

  • Kenya | Summer 2018
    We cannot wait to rejoin our partners at Transcend Academy as we venture back to Kenya. We will physically run with perseverance as we try to keep up with our Kenyan brothers and sisters while we will also challenge each other in mentorship, discipleship and leadership. God has BIG plans in store! 

 * We have an application and interview process for each mission trip. For more information, please feel free to contact our Missions Director, Ace Hubbard, in room 823. 

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