Upcoming Trips

2015-2016 School Year

Fall Break

  • Owsley County, KY | October 12-16, 2015
    Students will partner with the staff and volunteers at the Emma Quire Mission Center in Booneville to serve the people of this rural county in eastern Kentucky. During the days, we will be working in the mission center’s clothing closet and food pantry helping with organization and cleaning as well as food and clothing distribution. In the evenings, participants will have time to interact with people in the community, have devotions, relax, play, etc.

    This trip is open to all high school students. The cost is $300.
    Applications are currently available.

Spring Break

  • Local Day Trips | 2016
    Students will work with various local ministries in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Each day we will meet at CAI and travel together to a ministry partner in our area. We will spend the day landscaping, cooking and serving breakfast to our area’s homeless population, playing with international children, leading kids in Bible stories, cleaning up homeless camps, cleaning and organizing clothing ministries, etc. Students are encouraged to participate in all five of these trips, but sign up for each one individually which makes this option ideal for families that travel during part of the spring break time.

    These trips are open to all middle and high school students. The cost is nominal.
    Applications will be forthcoming.
  • La Paz, Honduras | March 26 - April 3, 2016
    Students will partner with Pastor Luis and the Iglesia Evangélica de Santidad (Evangelical Holiness Church) in La Paz, Honduras. The main focus of this trip is evangelism and service. We will speak to groups of children in schools, serve children in orphanages, lead evangelism events at the police academy, deliver food to homeless people and participate in worship with the church. All of these activities are done with the hope of opening a door to speak to people about who Jesus is and what he has done for us so that we may offer them the hope of new life found in the gospel message.

    This trip is open to all high school students. The cost for this trip is around $1,500.
    Applications are currently available.


  • Poland | July 2016
    Students will travel to Poland and work with PROeM Ministries. Our chief purpose is evangelism and service. We will stay at a protestant children’s camp run by PROeM. We will be working with the kids all week leading them in sports camp, art camp and English language acquisition. Students will also have opportunities to tour historical sites including the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz.

    This trip is open to all high school students. The cost for this trip will be around $2,300.
    Applications are currently available.





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