Upcoming Trips

Owsley County, Kentucky | Scheduled for Monday, October 7 - Friday, October 11

We will be staying at the Emma Quire Mission Center in Booneville, KY, a motel that has been converted to host mission teams. More information may be found here. The trip will cost $300, includes lodging and food while at Emma Quire Mission Center and Natural Bridge State Park on Friday. (It does not include spending money for snacks/souvenir or 2 lunches while travelling to and from Booneville.)

Fall Break Mission Trip | Christian Academy School SystemMr. Wamble will be the leader of the trip. Ms. Akin, Mrs. Ryan, and possibly other faculty members will serve as additional chaperones. 

Our chief purpose is service. We will partner with Susie Lacefield and the other staff/volunteers at the Emma Quire Mission Center to serve the people of this rural county in eastern Kentucky. The specific work done will vary depending on the skill set of our team, as well as the needs expressed in the community, but will likely include working in the clothing closet and food pantry of the mission center as well as volunteering at the elementary school.

In the evenings participants will have some time to interact with people in the community, have devotions, relax and play. On the last day, Friday, we will leave the mission center and visit Natural Bridge State Park in nearby Slade, KY, on our way home. 

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