School of Biomedical Science

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Our Mission

To ignite and transform our students through stem-related education experiences and to develop within them a distinct, exciting and personal Kingdom-building perspective as they pursue biomedical science-related fields.

Our Distinctive

Rigorous and heart-driven – the Christian Academy School of Biomedical Science offers a new and unique approach to learning with world-impact application. 

Unlike Any Other School

Only Christian Academy offers a life-changing, Christ-centered, service-focused, hands-on approach to the study of biomedicine.

You will experience:

  • Courses that include discovering a crime scene and then spending the rest of the year using forensics, DNA testing and other analytic tools to solve the crime
  • Projects such as the opportunity to investigate and design the emergency room of the future
  • Learning from, and even shadowing with, leading medical physicians and other professionals who share a biblical perspective while leading efforts in medical breakthroughs
  • Opportunities to personally address international challenges in healthcare in rural and missionary environments
  • God’s presence as students not only appreciate His medical designs but also His purpose for their lives

Curriculum Design

The school combines 6 key factors in its design:

  • A foundation of the highest quality traditional, honors and AP science courses
  • Four specific biomedical courses that use a collaborate, hands-on problem-solving learning approach integrating forensics, research, and real-world scientific challenges
  • A real-world approach, including third-world and local medical challenges designed to pull students out of their comfort zone while providing possibilities to impact others
  • Direct insights from Christian medical professionals who understand God’s purpose and design and also faith challenges in the world
  • A dedicated God-centric understanding of biomedical principles, how God’s design is key to practical application and an appreciation of how to put that knowledge to work in the service of others
  • Availability to all students as well as those intending to concentrate in science

Diploma Distinction

Students wishing to take a concentration of science courses in the SBS will earn a diploma distinction reflecting their enrollment in the SBS. In addition to specific coursework, this concentration requires an annual paper and portfolio including insights and reflections on their year, CPR Certification, participation in the Global Missions Health Conference, health service requirements and HOSA membership.

A specific listing of courses can be found here and diploma distinction requirements here.

Credits and Preparation for College  

College credit for each of the PLTW biomedical courses may be obtained through Missouri University of Science and Technology. Students must earn an A or B in the course as well as score between 6-9 on the PLTW standardized End of Course Exam (EOC). 

Credits may then be transferred to the college/university of choice. Because specific courses and requirements vary by university and are subject to change, students should check with their prospective school's transfer credit office for verification. Some of the area universities accepting PLTW transfer credit include University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and Western Kentucky. Many other universities also accept PLTW college credit.

Preparation for Life 

Courses in SBS are designed to challenge and expand a student's science knowledge, analytical abilities and critical thinking skills in bringing God-driven service to others. SBS-enrolled students will enjoy team-work, problem-solving activities and learning experiences that will serve students well in life as well as in key professions. Such occupations may include careers in biomedical engineering, medical research, medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, clinical laboratory science, forensic science and many others.

Most importantly, students will deepen their appreciation of God as the Creative Designer of our bodies and their perspective on how they can use their God-given abilities and passions to serve others and glorify Him. 

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