If I do not want to enroll in the SBS, can I still take some or all of the courses offered?
Yes! All courses are available to all students as long as prerequisites are met.

What are the requirements to attain college credit for the Biomedical courses?

  • All four courses are eligible for college credit through Missouri University of Science and Technology. Students must earn an A or B in the course as well as a score between 6-9 on the standardized End of Course Exam (EOC).
  • Before applying for college credit from Missouri University ST, students should contact the transfer office of the college they will be attending to confirm that the credits from Missouri University ST will transfer and how the credits will be applied. Not all colleges/universities will take PLTW credits.
  • Once confirmation that credits will transfer has been obtained, obtain an application for credit from your guidance counselor.
  • Teachers and counselors must verify grades and PLTW courses taken. The guidance counselor will send in the application with an official transcript.
  • As of September 2018 courses are $250 each.

Do I have to be in the SBS to receive college credit?
College credit for all four PLTW courses can be obtained without enrolling in the SBS.

Do the Biomedical Science classes need to be taken in consecutive order?
Although it is recommended, students do not need to take the PLTW courses in any order. MI and BI are typically taken by upperclassmen and enrollment in these courses is by teacher recommendation only.

Can I take two Biomedical Science classes in one school year?
Yes, students may take more than one PLTW class at the same time with permission from the biomedical faculty.

How is enrollment in the SBS beneficial?
Graduates of CAL completing all requirements of the SBS will receive an Honors Diploma of Distinction

If I am a transfer student, will I be able to enroll in the SBS?
All transfer students must be approved by the biomedical faculty and guidance counselors.

How do I earn a PLTW white coat?
Students who have successfully completed 2 PLTW courses and served at least 10 hours in an approved health service field will receive a white coat at the annual Biomedical Science recognition ceremony.

How does being enrolled in the School of Biomedical Science help to prepare me for a future career in Biomedical Science?
Students will take honors/advanced science courses in addition to the four PLTW classes. In doing so, they will be exposed to an inquiry based learning environment that encourages collaboration and hands-on problem solving that prepares students for real-world challenges.