Christian Academy School System | English Station Campus | Technology By the time today’s first graders graduate from college, they will be hired into jobs that haven’t been invented yet, due in part to rapid advances in technology and innovation. Given this reality, our technology focus at Christian Academy is not on a particular device; rather, it is on using technology as a tool to make teaching and learning more engaging, efficient, and effective. In short, we use technology to help "develop leaders (world-changers) who can create, communicate, and collaborate with a global audience for a God-given purpose."

Currently, we use SMART Boards, iPads, document cameras, laptops/netbooks, digital projectors, and much more as part of the learning process.

At English Station:

  • Most elementary classrooms and middle school math/science classrooms have SMART Boards to aid inChristian Academy School System | English Station Campus | Technologyclassroom curriculum and interactive learning.
  • All middle and high school classrooms have ceiling or wall-mounted digital projectors.
  • Interactive online Kindergarten-8th grade technology curriculum provides instruction in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, web design, and online safety.
  • High school course offerings include AP computer science, digital photography, web design and computer fundamentals.
  • Site licenses for the latest versions of Microsoft Office Professional and Adobe Creative Suite (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign) allow for cutting edge education in word processing and graphics.
  • PowerSchool student information system with real-time web-based access allows parents and students access to up-to-date grades and attendance records.  (Available for third grade and above.)
  • Fiber-optic Internet access is available around campus, including a high speed Cisco/HP network with wired and wireless access to over 480 computers.  (Enterprise-class Internet filter helps make sure students are safe while online.)
  • Christian Academy School System | English Station Campus | TechnologyAudio amplification systems in all elementary and middle school classrooms allows for easy listening comprehension for students.
  • An e911 communications system alerts first responders and administrators of location and time of 911 calls.
  • An emergency alert system (text/email/voice) notifies parents in the event of school closings or schedule changes.

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