The Lord has been so gracious in providing for Christian Academy School System through the years, and there are dozens of stories that go unwritten and unread every school year, perhaps even every week. As these “God Sightings” are brought to our attention, we will archive them here for our encouragement in the day-to-day, as well as to attest to God’s faithfulness to us for generations to come. There is a legacy that is being lived out in the hallways of each of our campuses every day, and while we know we cannot capture each and every story, we know that we can capture some of them.

Be blessed and encouraged as you read about the many ways that the Lord is using the faculty, staff, parents and students of Christian Academy School System.

Nurse Linda Driver Utilizes Technology in Unique Ways

With the launch of a one-to-one iPad initiative, our Technology Department labored long over the pros and cons and examined every facet of the implications of introducing iPads to our high school curriculum. As students and teachers have learned to integrate this new technology in day-to-day learning, there have been several unintended benefits.

One of those benefits has assisted Christian Academy of Indiana nurse, Linda Driver, as she goes about her day, caring for more than 800 students in Junior Academy-12th grade. As students wait outside her office with scrapes and bruises or fevers and headaches, there is no question that Mrs. Driver stays busy all day. As she cares for her students with a patient word or a tender touch, she has learned to maximize the use of iPad availability in the classroom.

“Throughout the year I’ll have several students who need a reminder from the nurse, and in years past I would put off starting paperwork so I wouldn’t forget to walk down to their classroom for that reminder,” Mrs. Driver said.

Now she sets a reminder on her calendar, and when those alerts are sounded, she promptly sends an email reminder to students. With the addition of this technology, Mrs. Driver is able to care for the many students who walk through her door each day.

We praise the Lord for the ability to have this technology available for our students and faculty, as well as our nurses!