It all began in 1974 when 22 members of South Louisville Christian Church gathered and discussed the possibility of beginning a Christian school.

These 22 members became the founders of Christian Academy, and had a bold vision. A vision that many said was unnecessary and impossible. A vision that no one could have predicted would permeate the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas as the Christian Academy School System does today. A vision that became reality only by God’s many blessings, grace and provision.

These visionary founders believed with unwavering conviction that God had placed a calling upon their lives to create and sustain an academically-excellent, Christ-centered school. Despite extremely limited resources, both finances and staffing, and numerous hurdles and setbacks in those early days, the founders persevered, remaining faithful to God’s call.

Prayer was constant and fervent, as the founders looked to God continually for wisdom, guidance and discernment as they knew the impact this vision could have on the lives of thousands of children for generations to come. That was a responsibility the founders took very seriously and sacrificially, giving of their time, talents and treasures. It was with great joy and anticipation that they embarked on the journey of creating Christian Academy.

Christian Academy opened its doors in September 1976, beginning with 120 students in two rented church facilities, serving grades 1-6.  The early days of Christian Academy were challenging, but with God’s grace and provision, and an earnest desire to serve growing interest and families’ needs, a middle school was opened at Southeast Christian campus in 1977.  The need for additional space and to consolidate the three facilities was apparent.

In August 1978, through generous gifts, diligent prayer and hard work, the financing needed for a new facility became available, and the first Christian Academy school in our system was created on Rock Creek Drive.  At that time, all three facilities combined and Rock Creek opened for school with an enrollment of 326 students, serving grades 1-9.  10th grade was added in fall 1979, 11th grade in fall of 1980, and in the spring of 1982, Christian Academy of Louisville celebrated its first graduating class.  Many thought it would never be possible, but as we all know and have witnessed, when God decides to move, even the mountains step aside.

Today, the Christian Academy School System serves almost 3,000 students on three campuses (two in Louisville, KY and one in New Albany, IN). Throughout this amazing growth, God has provided certain people with different gifts at different times, but always in His timing.

We invite you to watch this video that captures on film the incredible journey of Christian Academy. We welcome the opportunity to share more of the Christian Academy story with you in person, as the Christian Academy story is God’s story, and one we love to tell with passion.

“Is God finished with us? I don’t know. I have no idea where God wants to take us. I stopped asking that question a long time ago.  But I think what we have to do…I know what we have to do…is to continue to follow His lead. When the doors open, go through them!”

Shirley Poulter, Founding Member



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