News and Tribune: Daryl Mosley Teaches Music Students at Christian Academy of Indiana

News and Tribune: Daryl Mosley Teaches Music Students at Christian Academy of Indiana

Erik Hackman | News and Tribune

Apr 28, 2024

NEW ALBANY — Many people growing up want to have a career working in music. Students at Christian Academy of Indiana had the opportunity to work with Daryl Mosley for two days.

Mosley is a Grand Ole Opry performer, tours the country and has won Songwriter of the Year three times. He also has won Song of the Year three times.

He has worked with dozens of artists who have recorded his songs from the Bluegrass performer Bobby Osborne to country singers such as Lynn Anderson and Marty Raybon.

Christian Academy of Indiana has invited him to work with and teach the students about the ins and outs of professional music.

He worked one on one with members of the song-writing club, spoke with the music theory and graphic arts classes and the choir classes.

“I’ve been really fortunate to have had a good life, good career doing it,” Mosley said. “When I had time years ago, I used to coach baseball. I love working with young people and this is an opportunity to do a little bit of that.”

Mosley wanted to help encourage the children and help them improve their music and potentially help them with their career in music if they choose to go down that path.

“There are state standards and core content for many different elements of music,” said Aleshia Shouse, Christian Academy of Indiana’s director of bands. “We should be painting the kids a picture that they have hope for a career in music beyond just their enjoyment.”

It is something they can make a lifelong passion and share their gift with their communities, Shouse added.

Having him at the school was a great example of using a gift that they believed God has given Mosley to glorify and worship him with, Shouse said.

“His songwriting ability is great, but his storytelling ability is even better,” Shouse said. “He’s not just a performer or musician, he’s able to impact people emotionally and encourage them with exactly where they’re at in life.”

On Friday, Mosley sat with the choir classes for a question-and-answer session. Students asked him about his career, favorite songs he has written and more to get to know him on a personal level.

Before the session ended, he left the students with this advice:

“Never take anybody’s opinion on whether it’s any good or not… I know in high school that’s especially hard,” Mosley said. “Having the respect of your peers is very important. But if there’s something that really means something to you, don’t ever let anybody else have the power to take that away from you.”

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