For many years we have been blessed to provide devices for our students and teachers to enhance student learning by integrating technology into instruction. We have used both Chromebooks and iPads in our schools. 

The purpose of this program is to equip leaders who can create, communicate, collaborate, and compete with a global audience for a God-given purpose. Through this effort, we intend to connect our students to opportunities that will fundamentally shift their academic experience and make them better prepared, not only for college, but for life.

  • We force all Internet traffic through multiple web filters, including GoGuardian, regardless of whether the device is at school or away from school.
  • We leverage modern natural language processing technologies to monitor email, web sites, and web searches proactively for indicators of bullying or intentions of self-harm.

The information provided here will give you some additional insight as to the rationale behind our program and what we have in place to protect and support our students.