“The lights are going to mean a lot to me! We have been waiting for years for them. Personally, I love playing under the lights. Games seem to be more relaxing under lights. I think that it will also help our team feel less rushed to finish a game or to hurry to start a game. I also think that the lights will bring our team together as a whole. We will have more opportunities for later practices and games. This could also make hosting tournaments more possible. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish with them!”

Jessica Powell

“Last year on the middle school team, there was constant pressure to get practice in before the sun went down. The lights would be a huge help to train up the middle school so that our varsity team can be at its best. I hope everyone will see the light of Christ shine through us with these lights.”

Student Quote

“The lights mean a lot to me because they allow the JV team to play.┬áSince we have too many players to have only varsity, we also have a JV team that needs a chance to play. The lights will allow us to play all five innings, no matter what time it is. It will allow us to have more time and another game to get better at softball.”

Jessi Adamczyk

“The lights mean a lot to me. I feel that, as a whole, our team will be stronger because we can play longer, practice later and just have the opportunity to play even if it’s getting dark. It will make fall practices much more effective…before, we couldn’t practice very long because it gets dark so early in the fall, but now it will allow us to practice later. I am very thankful and grateful to everyone who has pitched in or helped out in any way. It truly means a lot to us softball players. Thank you!”

Student Quote