We are thankful to partner with your family and to offer you Continuous Enrollment for your children. Our hope would be to provide Christian education for your family throughout your child’s school years. For more information, please watch our video or check out our FAQs.

Every Year the Admissions Office will Remind our Families of the Following Important Dates:

January 3
Tuition and fees for the new academic year will be published by January 3.

Please visit the Christian Academy website or click to view the 2024-2025 Tuition Schedules. We also encourage you to learn more about Tuition Assistance.

January 3-12
Withdrawal Notification Period: Christian Academy understands circumstances change such as the need to move due to a parent’s job. If your family is NOT returning to Christian Academy for the following academic year, you must complete the Withdrawal Form that is located in your Web Forms in FACTS Family Portal by January 12, so you will NOT be charged the non-refundable Continuous Enrollment fee per student. If you withdraw and at some point wish to return you will need to contact our Admissions Office to see if space is available and for next steps.

February 28
Christian Academy will automatically deduct your child’s Continuous Enrollment fees for the following academic year. 

Should you have financial questions, please contact the Business Office at (502) 244-3225 or at enrollment@caschools.us.

As we look to a new year our deepest hope is for your children to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and to develop their hearts for God and help them grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and men. We thank you for your trust and continued partnership as we work diligently to ensure every child at Christian Academy is supported unconditionally in a grace-filled environment and develops according to God’s will to impact the world for His glory and Kingdom.