Christian Academy of Indiana will continue our partnership with Sagamore Institute Scholarships for Education Choice, our Scholarship Granting Organization. Sagamore manages our Indiana tax credit donations to award SGO Scholarships as part of the Indiana Choice Scholarship program.

To learn more about School Choice Scholarships of Kentucky or Sagamore Institute Scholarships for Education Choice, please visit the link listed on our school website.

Christian Academy School System | Christian Academy of Indiana | School Choice IndianaIn April of 2011, Governor Mitch Daniels signed into law the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, whereby public funds could be utilized to pay for children who meet certain criteria to transfer to private schools. Christian Academy of Indiana is one of the first private schools in the state to announce its participation and is eager to speak to interested families.

For more information about Christian Academy of Indiana and its participation in the Choice Scholarship Program, please call (502) 400-5426 or click to visit for more information about Indiana School Choice.


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