Christian Academy School System | Mission Statement | Wisdom. Stature. Favor.

The mission statement of Christian Academy School System is to develop students with a heart for God, to grow as Jesus did, in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and men.

Our mission is based on Luke 2:52. Its focus is what keeps our school accountable and focused. It is also what keeps our students focused on excelling in their Christian faith, their academic achievement and their personal development.


Learning facts is just knowing. Applying is knowledge. And living what you know through the eyes of God is wisdom. Students develop a heart for God when they understand His role in our world, in what they learn and how it can shape their future. Because of this, every class is taught with a Biblical worldview to help students appreciate God’s role in our world, our history and our future.


Each student is blessed with God-given talents and gifts. We want every student to explore their potential and interests to maximize the person whom God has made them to be. This not only involves athletics, arts, journalism, leadership, science and creative interests, but also the dedication to give God the glory to develop and share those gifts. To enable this development, our faculty and staff encourage every level of talent and provide the opportunities to display these talents at the highest level of challenge and competition as appropriate for each student.


We are created to worship God and show His love in how we live. Therefore, we strive for all students to honor God, respect others and appreciate the special individuals they were created to be. Chapel services, peer discussions, class interaction, special events and service and missions programs all reinforce the impact each student can make in the name of Christ. They also help each student develop the self-worth found only in our view of ourselves through the eyes of God.

Christian Academy is dedicated and passionate to ensure the full development of our students’ hearts by continually lifting up our students to grow daily in wisdom, stature and favor.