High School Head Coach:  Diane Kilner -

Meet the Coach - Steve Wiseman

Family: Wife, Mary; Sons, Rich and Trace (senior at CAL on bowling team);Daughter, Angie
Church: Pewee Valley Baptist Church
Occupation: Pastor at Pewee Valley Baptist; Retired Corporate Labor Relations Manager at Entergy Corporation; Retired HR Manager at Ford Motor Company
School(s) Attended: Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA)
Sports Played: Baseball

When did you start bowling? I bowled in a league for 3 or 4 years when I was in my twenties, then stopped bowling for over 35 years. Trace and I started bowling about 3 or 4 years ago in leagues, and we bowl together in a summer adult/youth league.

How long have you coached bowling? This is my first year of coaching bowling. I love it. We won our first match! I average around 200, so I figured I could help.

What motivates you to coach? I love working with youth. I coached 8 seasons of youth soccer years ago, undefeated one of those seasons. It is rewarding to use gifts the Lord has blessed you with to help others to improve their performance and reach goals that seem impossible at the start.

How do you use the sport of bowling to disciple your players? To me, working in any capacity, including coaching, with other people involves spiritual training. Discipleship is an integral part of my life, especially when I get to work closely with others. We have a Biblical devotion and pray for requests in each practice session. I post a Biblical message every day on my Facebook ministry and prepare 3 sermons each week, so regular and intense Bible study is the most essential aspect of my daily activities. To share what the Lord gives me is not only an obligation I assume, but a real blessing as well.

What is your biggest goal in building the bowling program? 1.) To teach young people to be obedient to the Lord in every aspect of their lives. 2.) To train students to be godly in their demonstration of sportsmanship. 3.) To help the team members to be the best bowlers they can be. 4.) To grow the bowling program to be competitive with even the larger schools who pull from larger pools of talent.

What makes you laugh out loud? Just about anything! I laugh out loud at leaves falling in our wooded yard – the ones I labor to clean up. Life is fun!

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