High School Head Coach: Paige Sutton
7th & 8th Grade Coach:  Chad Foster
6th Grade Coach:
Kelley Berry

Meet the Coach – Paige Sutton

•  Family: Husband, Nick; Son, Noah; Baby girl due in March, Hadley Willow
•  Church: Northeast Christian Church
•  Occupation: Director of Rehabilitation/Occupational Therapist
•  Sports Played (HS or college): Volleyball (Mercy Academy and Spalding
•  School(s) Attended: Mercy Academy; Spalding University

How long have you been involved in volleyball? I have been playing volleyball since I was in 7th grade, and played for a total of 10 years. My club volleyball career was at MAVA where I currently coach the 18 Select team with my husband, Nick Sutton. I attended Mercy Academy and played there for 4 years, then attended Spalding University and played there for 3 years.

What has volleyball taught you about your relationship with Jesus? Volleyball has strengthened my relationship with Jesus by allowing me to invest my time into something that I am passionate about, able to lead others in, and continue to be a witness to young athletes and their unique individual journeys.

What are your goals for this year’s team? My goals for this year’s team are to work together as a community at CAL, while helping these young women grow, learn and develop in their skills of the sport that they know and love. I will rely on my collective experience as an athlete, high school coach, and club coach to effectively lead this team to a winning season and further their growth in their faith.

What is your vision for the CAL volleyball team? I want others to view our program as a high energy, fun, faith driven and resilient community of CAL athletes. My vision is to be the volleyball program by which all others are measured.

What do you love most about coaching volleyball? I enjoy seeing young kids develop and build their skills not only volleyball but in life, have success, and learn to deal with both winning and losing. Learning to sacrifice for the greater good and developing tenacity and perseverance through difficult circumstances is fundamental in sports. I love forming relationships with these young athletes in a meaningful way, and I love being able to grow the sport right alongside of their individual and team successes.