High School Head Coach:  Greg Zimmerer
Middle School Head Coach:  Justin Davis

High School Head Coach:  Greg Zimmerer
Middle School Head Coach: Justin Davis

Meet the Coach – Craig Magruder

Family: Wife, Judy; Daughter, Jordan; Son, Craig Jr.
Church: Southeast Christian Church
Occupation: Real Estate and Insurance Broker/Medicare Supplements
Sports Played (HS or college): Golf, Football, and Basketball
School(s) Attended: Durrett HS, WKU and UL

How long have you been involved in golf? Personally since I was a kid. I was involved early on teaching my own kids the game which paid for college.

What brought you to coach at CAL? I had coached girls’ golf at Male HS in 2015 and 2016 and was invited by Coach Gus (CAL’s former girls’ golf coach) to assist him at CAL in 2017. I coached at Eastern this past season and Coach Gus decided to retire and suggested I take his place.

How has the sport of golf impacted your relationship with Jesus? Just as golf is an individual sport, deciding to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior is an individual decision that cannot be made for you.

What is your vision for the CAL girls’ golf team? The same goal I’ve had for every team—to have them experience making it to the State Tournament….there’s nothing like it, and I want all my girls to be able to experience it. For those who might not be ready to play at that level, I just want to show them ways to get incrementally better so they enjoy the game more and can look favorably on their time playing golf in high school.

What do you love most about coaching golf? I always start with the end in mind, which means I’d love to be able to put every player in a position to obtain a college scholarship. Beyond that, just watching them get better and have fun.

How do you create a team-like atmosphere with a sport that relies on individual scores? Well it’s a little more difficult because during the course of play, one player cannot assist another in any way like with other team sports. You just have to let them pair up and play 2 on 2 and things like that.

What is your dream golf course to play? Turnberry in Scotland