High School Head Coach:  Hunter Cantwell
7th/8th Grade Coach:  Kris Griffee
5th/6th Grade Coach:  Draper Hall
3rd/4th Grade Coach:  Jeff Soete
1st/2nd Grade Coach:  Chris Burke
LYFL President:  Rebecca Mauzy

Meet the Coach—Hunter Cantwell

•  Family: Wife-Emily, Daughter-Charlotte, Son-Gabriel, Son-Sullivan
•  Church: Emmanuel Baptist Church
•  Occupation: Scheduling Coordinator at CAL
•  Sports Played: Football—University of Louisville (2005-2008) Carolina Panthers (2009)   Baltimore Ravens (2010-11)

What made you interested in coaching at CAL? The opportunity to influence young men with the Gospel has always been a strong desire in my life. I think the sport of football is a great vessel to teach character building and spiritual lessons that will carry over into life. CAL has been doing this not only in the classroom but also in athletics since its inception. That’s what drew me to this exciting opportunity to be a part of the work the Lord is already doing through CAL.

What are your goals for this year’s team? The goals for this year’s team will be to pursue excellence in a spirit of humility and hard work both on and off the field.

On the field we want to continue to put together a team that is disciplined, tenacious, fundamentally sound, and exciting to watch. We want our young men to enjoy the process and have fun playing this great game! Our goal this year will be to once again win the district championship, regional championship, and become state champions in 3A.

Off the field we want to see our men continue to be servant leaders in the classroom, and out in the community. Young men that don’t care who gets the credit, that don’t have to be asked to serve, that do what no one else is willing to do for the good of the team. Young men that selflessly meet the needs of other people.

What is your vision for the CAL football program? My vision for the CAL football program is to build up the next generation of Christian leaders through the sport of football. We want our student athletes equipped to be godly leaders in the community, the work force, their families, and in their churches. We will accomplish this by cultivating an atmosphere of brotherhood, discipleship, and athletic excellence.