High School Head Coach: Cameron Pridemore -
8th Grade Coach: Joseph Thompson -
7th Grade Coach:  Clarence Moore -
6th Grade Coach:  Doug Wilkins -


High School Head Coach:  Bryce Hibbard - 
8th Grade Coach: Nate Popp -
7th Grade Coach:  Jonathan Keith -
6th Grade Coach (RED team): Chris Squires -
6th Grade Coach (BLUE team):  Olin Barnett -



Meet the Coach - Boys Basketball, Bryce Hibbard

•  Family: Dawn (wife); Children, Kevin (son) and Kelsey (daughter)
•  Church: Southeast Christian Church
•  School(s) attended: Eastern New Mexico; IU Southeast
•  Sports Played: HS (football, tennis, baseball, basketball); College (Basketball)
•  Coaching Experience: Moriarty NM- football, basketball, and baseball (86-88)
South Hopkins HS- Basketball (88-89)
Reidland HS—Basketball (89-95); head coach (90-95)
Eastern HS—Basketball (95-99) Head coach– State Champs (97); State Quarterfinalist (98)
Male HS—Basketball (99-2005) Head Coach– State Runner-up (2001); State Semifinalist (2002); State Quarterfinalist (2000)

What motivates you to coach? I love the game of basketball- love teaching- then I get to add (all the time) Jesus!!

What lessons has coaching taught you about your faith? I continue to be reminded of two verses—Colossians 3:23 and Galatians 1:10. It’s not about me and my life it is for Him (in ALL I do).

How do you use basketball to disciple your players? I believe it fits perfectly. In hoops, it takes the individual to work on their skill, just like we have to be connected to HIM daily through our individual – prayer- devotion– bible reading. Then as the individual is strengthened/improved, they are a better fit for community (team) and can hold each other accountable and remind each other what is important.

Who are or have been your spiritual mentors? There are too many to list but two come to relationship with Steve Wigginton and Doc Hunt.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first season at CAL? I hope that the boys learn to “Rise Up” above the world’s expectations and trappings for athletes. To learn that they are better Christian young men for playing this great game for a great school – CAL.

Meet the Coach - Girls Basketball, Cameron Pridemore

•  Family: Wife, Sydney
•  Church: 1st Baptist Church of Covington (TN); moving to Louisville this summer
•  Occupation: CAL Middle School History Teacher
•  Sports Played: Basketball, Lee University (TN) & Auburn University of Montgomery

How long have you been coaching basketball? I have been coaching basketball for 8 years.

What made you interested in coaching at CAL? The opportunity to help girls grow not only as basketball players but as Christians, students, and people is a special opportunity. CAL has that same desire throughout the entire school and athletic programs. The environment and culture around CAL make it a special place to work and coach.

What are your goals for this year's team? The goal for this year’s team will be to continue to build on the success that CAL Lady Centurion basketball has had in the past. As teammates, we want our players to love each other, play for each other, and uplift each other. As a team, we want to play hard, disciplined, and aggressive basketball to create a fun and exciting style of play. Off the court, we want our players to be great students, representatives of Christ, and people in the hallways of CAL and out in the community.

What is your vision for the CAL girls' basketball program? My vision for the CAL girls’ basketball program is to consistently have a program made of high character players who love the Lord, love their teammates, and love playing the game of basketball. I want CAL girls’ basketball teams to consistently be known as tough, fundamental teams that play hard, smart, and entertaining basketball. I also want every girl that comes through our program to leave it feeling loved, invested in, and to know they are always part of the CAL girls’ basketball family.

How does your relationship with Jesus shape your coaching style? The biggest way that my coaching is shaped by my relationship with Jesus is the way that I try to approach what I do. As Christians, I believe we are called to love and encourage others and my goal is that those traits are what drives my coaching and relationships. I want all of my players to feel cared for and supported in all that they do, not just as a basketball player but as a student and person as well.

What do you look forward to most this year? I look forward to not only coaching and building the CAL girls’ basketball program but also becoming part of the Louisville and CAL community!