High School Head Coach: TBD
Middle School Head Coach:  Lauren Thomas - jordan.lauren16@yahoo.com

Meet the Coach - Carson Troutman

•  Family: Wife, Kelsie; Kids, Mazie & Mason
•  Church: Forest Park Community Church
•  Occupation: Pastor/Teacher
•  Sports Played: Swimming (CAL, Collins)
•  School(s) Attended: Boyce, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

How long have you been involved in swimming? Since I was three years old.

What made you decide to coach swimming at CAL? A passion for the port and
opportunity to build relationships with the students.

How does your experience as a student & swimmer at CAL influence your coaching style?  I can better understand where they are coming from.

What has swimming taught you about your relationship with Jesus? It has taught me to be disciplined, work through trials and persevere. It has also taught me to take myself less seriously.

What are your goals for this year's swim team? For every swimmer to get better, and for CAL swimming to be a fun experience.


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