In session one of the “Staying Safe” powerpoint, we focus on Psalm 139:14 – we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who loves us, who made our bodies. The children learn body ownership¬†– their bodies belong to them and they have a right to have input into what happens to their bodies. We focus on different types of touch:

  • ¬†Good touch – hugs and high fives and pats on the backs and kisses from Mom and Dad. We learn that God made us to need good touch, and that good touch can help us feel happier, healthier and stronger. We learn that parts of our bodies are good for sharing touch, while other parts are private. We learn that there are appropriate times and places to share good touch.
  • Hurtful touch – some hurtful touch is safe (like shots) because it helps us stay healthy. Some hurtful touch is not safe (like hitting and kicking). We do not have to share our bodies with hurtful touch that is not safe. We have the right to say “NO!”
  • Confusing touch – this type of touch can start out feeling good but then start to feel uncomfortable (like tickling). Or it may feel safe with some people but not safe with others (like kissing). We have the right to talk about and say no to touch that is confusing.
  • No Way touch – it is not okay for an adult to punch, kick or choke a child. It is not okay for anyone to touch or look at a child’s private parts, except sometimes doctors or parents when they are helping. We learn that children can always talk about and say no to No Way touch.

We also learn that anyone means ANYONE. While many programs focus on “stranger danger”, and rules for interacting with strangers are reviewed, most No Way touch happens with someone the child knows.

We learn that unsafe or No Way touch is NEVER the child’s fault, and the child can always talk about it with a trusted and safe adult.