The Christian Academy Board of Directors Nominating Committee invites you to submit names of potential Board member nominees for consideration. This is a prime opportunity for you to have a direct impact on the selection of the leadership for this school system. You, the faculty and staff of Christian Academy Schools, have the regular personal contact with parents that should allow you to identify those whose hearts are committed to the purpose of Christian education.

According to the Christian Academy policies and by-laws, to be considered the nominees must meet the following basic criteria:

  • The nominee must be an active member of one of the founding Christian churches. See below.
  • Nominees must be of unimpeachable Christian character and be a model of the values we hold as a system. 
  • The nominee should have their school age (K-12) child(ren) enrolled in the Christian Academy system.
  • Nominees may not be a current or former employee or have a spouse who works in the system.

Please pray for God’s guidance and consider the parents you’ve come to know over the past couple of years. The Board will act on your recommendations.

To nominate a parent for consideration:

  • Verify that the parent meets the criteria presented above.
  • Obtain approval from the parent to submit his/her name. This will help avoid nominating someone who has no interest in serving.
  • Parents are asked to refrain from nominating themselves.
  • Spouses may not nominate each other.

Please submit all nominations by Wednesday, January 9, 2019. If you have any questions, please email Tammy Miller at

  • In 1976, the founders of Christian Academy developed the by-laws for this organization, which define its purpose, structure and constraints within which it must operate. Article 3, Section 3a of the by-laws states that board members must be members of one of the founding churches.