“CAL is a place where you can be yourself and find lifelong friends that will stand by you through anything”

– High School student

“The knowledge gained in Bible class and through chapel is absolutely indispensable. It has empowered me to live my faith, defend my faith, and share my faith. This is something unique that CAL offers students, and I am eternally grateful for it.“

-High School Student

“I love Cal because relationships can become so strong and become deeper with the help of common ground in our faith.”

-High School Student

My teachers REALLY care! They help me do my best in everything. I love it here.

– Elementary student

“There are so many opportunities here. Whether you’re athletic, musical, artistic or smart, there is something for you to get involved in.”

– High School student

“I like it because I get to know everybody and I love the way the teachers teach!”

– Elementary student

“Out of every school I’ve been to, CAL has the most supportive, caring, loving teachers and that’s most important because it gives students joy in school.”

– High School student.


“The options available to students as far as experiences inside and outside the classroom are vast. These experiences coupled with a strong academic experience and Biblical integration and a biblical worldview is providing a strong foundation for our daughter as she continues to grow older.”

“After six almost seven years in the system, we have been blessed over and over by CAL, by the commitment to excellence in all areas–academically and spiritually.”

“I am continually impressed with the Christ-centered emphasis in every area. This always reminds me why we chose this school and why we will continue to place our children here. The teachers and staff are amazing.”

“I love the small class size and my daughter has exceled academically. Our faith is not just something that is talked about at chapel, it is incorporated into every activity and lesson. The teachers have been amazing- completely invested in my daughter’s success and they have created additional enrichment programs to keep her challenged.”

“My child just graduated and we’re enjoying two results of CAL: spiritually, she’s remaining strong in her faith. Academically, it looks like she’ll graduate in under four years with a double major, or may have a chance to earn a Masters within four years.”

“You have exceeded my expectations! I have seen such a change in my daughter’s behavior and her manners. It is awesome! I also love that if you feel like students are going to be behind, you pull them from class and provide them with one on one time to work on the areas they are struggling with. “

“CAL does a wonderful job of keeping Jesus as the center and maintaining high academic expectations.”

“Spiritually kids are allowed to be kids but CAI gives them the ‘guardrails’ needed to develop their own spirit and find their own voice. Academically my son is pushed and I know he’s being prepared for the next level.”


“I’m amazed at how much better prepared I was, in my faith and academically, most students.”

“I’m still in touch with my teachers. They are my mentors and my friends even years after I’ve graduated.”

“The friends I made are still special to me. I’ll never forget Christian Academy.”

“It was an incredible time. I didn’t want to leave.”

“This was the place to be. The academics, I am confident, have fully prepared me for the next step in life. I immediately was immersed in my passion when I started here. I wouldn’t change the past four years for anything.”

Christian Leaders

“Such a blast at Christian Academy. Only spending a few days with them, I quickly realized how vibrant a Christian community Christian Academy truly is. I love the heart of the school to enrich the students’ lives with teaching, vision and direction. I hope I had the same impact on the students they had on me.”

– Jefferson Bethke, author of JesusReligion

“ Christian Academy is doing it right. They are teaching the students what they need to know to stand firm in their faith and to be the leaders we need from Christians for the world we’re facing.”

– Lee Strobel, apologist and author of The Case for Christ.

“We need schools like Christian Academy if we are going to make a difference in the world.”

– Bob Russell, pastor and author


“This school is an exemplary, outstanding, wonderful school. We can lift up Christian Academy as a model school not only for our region or association, but for the great kingdom work that is going around in Christian education around the world.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Mattner, Regional Director for Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

“Cristian Academy is, in my view, the best Christian School in America.”

– Dr. Paul Kienel, former president, ACSI

“This is a beacon for other schools.”

– Mary Clark, director of non-public school services, AdvancED

“One thing I noticed is it is utterly apparent that Jesus Christ is King of all you do and in everyway and everybody we’ve seen.”

– Cindy Watson, Cincinnati Christian School