Welcome! Christian Academy School System is the nation’s largest Christian school system, with two campuses in two states, and an approximate enrollment of 3,000 students. With the numerous and dynamic nature of multiple-campus school activities, opportunities for student, family, alumni, volunteer and donor engagement, and many mission efforts and community outreach initiatives, it is essential that we present our organization consistently to have the greatest Kingdom-building impact possible.

Christian Academy School System is a brand, which means as an organization, we have certain values and areas of distinction which uniquely identify us as we communicate and interact with others. These values and areas of distinction are the foundation of relationships, trust and promises, and elicit strong thoughts, emotions and feelings from others who enter into a relationship with our brand.

We must present our brand consistently by utilizing the same brand identity in order to clearly communicate the values and areas of distinction which comprise Christian Academy School System. A brand identity is made up of standards that cover all aspects of our message, voice, look, tone, feel and appearance. These standards provide a way for us to make our communications sound and look as if they are coming from the same organization although many different people may be creating and producing items – saving money and time while doing so. Embracing and utilizing these standards will help us strengthen our brand identity so that we may impact the Kingdom in a greater way for His Glory.

In the documents listed on the right, you will find many resources needed to consistently message the Christian Academy School System brand.  You can also download the full brand standards manual in electronic format by clicking the link below.

If you have questions about the manual or how to apply the standards to your communications, please contact us at (502) 244-3225.

Many Blessings,

Jenny Wommack
Director of Philanthropy and Communications
Christian Academy School System