Our ACSI Spelling Bee Representatives

We want to congratulate and pray for our students that will be representing CAL-Southwest at the ACSI Spelling Bee on Friday, February 21, at Whitefield Academy.

  • Abigail Gantz (1st Grade)
  • Drew Wilson (1st Grade)
  • Paul Favors (2nd Grade)
  • Ethan Mathis (2nd Grade)
  • Reed Horton (3rd Grade)
  • Aiden Searcy (3rd Grade)
  • Bella Crowe (4th Grade)
  • Imani Lewis (4th Grade)
  • Zion Cox (5th Grade)
  • Bella McCarty (5th Grade)
  • Da'Shawn Harris (6th Grade)
  • JD Patton (6th Grade)
  • Trey Butler (7th Grade)
  • Marissa Sedoris (7th Grade)
  • Matthew Carter (8th Grade)
  • Mason Miles (8th Grade)