Chapel is a time for our student body to take a break from all the busyness of the school week to remember what Christian Academy is all about – developing students with a heart for God. Chapel represents a section of time we set aside each week to intentionally connect with God through worship and to be challenged to explore the depths of God’s truth and love.

Along with exposure to a variety of worship songs and styles, Chapel brings quality pastors to campus, as well as Christian speakers from the community. During the semester, Chapel speakers may include pastors and leaders of service ministries, as well as those who speak from a Christ-centered perspective on education, the arts, government, science, the family, and various contemporary subjects.  While Chapel is often structured as a worship service, the purpose of Chapel is different from the spiritual development students receive from their local church.  Thus, Chapel is never intended to take the place of a local church in a student’s life.

Student attendance in chapel is required, as we see this as an important part of developing students with a heart for God. We believe that all teaching must be built on a foundation of God’s truth.  

To take a look at what the individual schools are experiencing in chapel, please visit the pages to the right.