Sam Minrath, CAL’ 18 is getting special notice for her art reflecting the current pandemic. The UofL sophomore, who is also on the UofL field hockey team, is using her passion to portray emotion in her drawings and bring attention to the conditions, relationships and heroes involved in the pandemic environment.

This Kentucky teacher deserves a standing ovation for her rendition of the song, “Part of Your World,” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” that she rewrote to surprise her students.

Morgan True, 25, is a third grade teacher at Centerfield Elementary School in Oldham County, Kentucky. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, her school implemented remote learning, according to True.

To help keep spirits high, True said she started sending funny videos via Google Classroom to her students and was then inspired to make a magical video of her own.

True’s version plays off the realities of life in quarantine for teachers and students. She swapped the iconic lyrics for ones that make the day-to-day situation a bit more magical, such as, “What would I pay to spend a day back in our classroom? What would I do just to see you smiling at me?” “Teaching from home can only go so far. Schools are required for huggin’, high-fivin’. Playing around on them — what’s that word, again? Playgrounds.” “I’ll ask some questions and get some answers. Like what’s a theme and how do we divide?”

True said she keeps up with her students every day by video conference, but misses having that in-person connection.

Ultimately, True said she is thankful that her school has the resources to use technology for remote learning and is glad she found a way to engage with her students during these unprecedented times.

“It’s hard, especially through a screen, to reach out to those little people. … I’ve been blessed to be able to reach most of my kids through technology,” said True. “I just try to continue to make them feel loved from far away and I think that’s every teacher’s goal everywhere.”

True’s favorite part of the song was the sentimental end note speaking directly to her students: “Even from here, isn’t it clear? You are my world.”

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