Fall 2021 High School Auditions | July 23

We are excited for this year’s high school production. We will be doing two, 1 act shows. One will be very serious, while the other will be very funny. The serious play is titled “Dark Road” by Laura Lundgren Smith (synopsis below). The funny one act play is a telling of the story of “Tangled” where many mishaps, problems and forgotten lines will all be a part of the show. It will be a slap-stick style comedy like we have never done before.

Following is the audition information you will need to know. We hope you consider joining us on this new adventure in the theatre program. Also, the proposed practice schedule is included here.


Date:  Friday, July 23
Time: 3:30 p.m.*
Where: CAI Auditorium
Who: All High School Students are Eligible

* It will be first come, first served for audition slots. When you arrive, simply put your name on the list and we will go in order of arrival. If you have prior commitments that require you to be done by a certain time, please let us know.

What to Prepare:
Everyone needs to prepare to give two specific monologues. These are specific monologues that are included here. The first one is straight from the “Dark Road” (the play we will be performing) and boys and girls will do the specified monologue. The second monologue will be everyone and this is taken straight from the play “Peter Pan Goes Wrong.” It is very reflective of the style of play we are doing for the second act of the retelling of “Tangled.” Please take in careful consideration what the style of each monologue is and the emotions that are to be portrayed in each.

We are looking forward to a fun year and hope you consider joining us this fall for the first time ever we’ve put on two, 1 act shows, a tragedy and a comedy.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Dr. Jason and Tenisha Branim
Christian Academy School System
Christian Academy of Indiana


When Greta, a young girl living in Nazi Germany, reads that the nearby women’s concentration camp is hiring guards, she sees it as a chance to find her place in the world and provide for her sister Lise. But soon she learns the reality of her duties, and so too does she learn how to justify her crimes, heading further and further down the dark road laid by the Third Reich. Kind-hearted Lise is shocked at what her sister becomes, and though the two drift apart, their fates remain inextricably and dangerously linked. A powerful drama about the choices that allow evil to become ordinary.


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