Christian Academy School System | Christian Academy Missions

In addition to helping our students develop a solid foundation in the truth of who God is and what he is like as he has revealed himself to us in his word, we want to provide opportunities for our students to live this out. The scriptures are clear that if we are to be like our servant/savior then we must become servants ourselves. We group these service opportunities into main categories: school, local community, national, and international. These different types of trips help to allow the largest number of students to take part regardless of their comfort with travelling or financial abilities.

First, we try and provide areas for students to serve and live out their Christianity within the school itself. We have various opportunities within our weekly chapel services where students can lead their fellow students in worship through music, leading in prayer, testimonies, and etc. We also band together as a school several times during each year to support specifics ministries.

We also make it a priority to serve our local community. Several times a year we will have groups from the school that serve at homeless shelters, women’s shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, local churches, and other ministries within southern Indiana and the Louisville area. Many times these service projects are free of any cost!

Finally, we work to give our students opportunities to serve God internationally. Scripture calls believers to be committed to evangelizing and making disciples of all types of people throughout the world, and we want to encourage and help our students to obey this command. In addition, we are convinced from personal experience and the testimony of others that meeting and serving alongside believers in other parts of the world has an undeniable effect in the faithfulness and commitment of our own students. Whether it is in Honduras, another Central American country, or Eastern Europe, these trips require a higher level of commitment and financial sacrifice.

Each of these trips are led by Christian Academy of Indiana faculty and staff and are safe for our students.