Dear Southwest Family,

As I previously shared with you, during the upcoming 2020 calendar year Kentucky legislators will be presented with the Scholarship Tax Credit opportunity. The media has given a lot of information about this and I want to provide you once again with a Fact Sheet and Information Sheet that clarifies what this opportunity truly is. Please note that these are privately-donated funds and not public taxpayer dollars. Just last year, we had dozens of families that wanted to be a part of our campus. Due to a lack of funding and their financial need, they were not able to complete admission to our school. This Scholarship Tax Credit would enable families to have a choice for the best education of their child. Please take the time to read this information and be informed. Please also view this video from some of our students who have shared what Christian Academy means to them. 

My desire is for any family that completes the admissions process for our school then has the opportunity to enroll their child here and not be inhibited due to finances. For more information, please visit or join the "Kentucky Parents Network" Facebook group. If you support this opportunity, please reach out to your Kentucky legislator to let them know of your support. You can locate your Kentucky legislator by typing your home address in the link provided here. This website will give you the contact information for your legislators with both a phone number and email address. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (502) 447-6500 or Please be in prayer for all schools, educators, students and families in Kentucky.