Our Cashbook coupon sale started last week! Cashbook has over $300.00 in local savings and Christian Academy of Louisville – Southwest Campus will profit 60% from every sale made. The cashbook will save you money all year long and they also make great holiday gifts. You can support Christian Academy of Louisville – Southwest Campus for just $20.00 and the cashbook pays for itself. The cashbook is not free. Your child brought home a large white envelope with a cashbook and order form. Please use the cashbook to show family, friends, and relatives the great savings they can enjoy. So flip through the book and notice the discounts! 

If you choose to purchase the cashbook:
Keep the cashbook and send a check for $20.00 made out to Christian Academy in your sealed cashbook envelope.

If you choose to sell additional cashbooks:
Use the envelope provided to keep track of your sales. Please keep your sample cashbook and send a check(s) in for the amount of cashbooks you have sold. Be sure to account for the sample cashbook in your sales. The additional cashbooks will be sent home with your child within one week. 

If you choose not to participate in this fundraiser: 
Return the cashbook inside the sealed envelope with your child’s name on the outside.
This sale ends Monday, September 18. Please make sure the envelope and cashbook are returned. We must have every student’s envelope returned either with payment or the cashbook sample in order to track our sales.

Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated! 

All proceeds from the cashbook sales will be used for blessing the Southwest Campus.