Please be in prayer for our kindergarten-8th grade students who will all be participating in a Campus Wide Day of Service in celebration of Easter. On Wednesday, March 28, all students in grades kindergarten-8 will be leaving campus to serve at the following locations:

  • Kindergarten – Brookdale Assisted Living Facility
  • 1st Grade  Essex Nursing Home & Rehab Center
  • 2nd Grade – Park Terrace Nursing Home
  • 3rd Grade – Symphony of Valley Farm Assisted Living
  • 4th Grade – Georgetown Manor Nursing Home
  • 5th Grade – Southwest Area Ministries
  • Middle School – Louisville Dream Center

Our kindergarten-4th grade classes will be singing and sharing time with residents at local nursing homes, our 5th Grade class will be assisting with Meals on Wheels volunteers at the Southwest Area Ministries and our middle school students will be serving at a community ministry center. 

A special thanks to our Parent and Community Relations Associate, Amy Koenig, for coordinating all of the details for this special day. A huge thanks to Miller Transportation for providing our transportation for 200 students and staff to be able to serve our community!