House Bill 149 and Senate Bill 25 have been filed and would create an educational choice program for Kentucky families. Please call or email your State Representative and Senator today and ask them to support and co-sponsor these bills. You can call 1-800-372-7181 and the operator will leave a message for your State Representative and Senator based on your home address.

Education Opportunity Accounts are privately funded by citizens and businesses who donate to non-profit Account Granting Organizations (AGOs). The AGOs then use the donations to award needs-based funding to eligible families. Funding can be tailored to a student’s specific needs and used for K-12 public and non-public school tuition and fees, online learning programs, tutoring services, therapy programs, transportation to and from school, and more. We now have to work hard on spreading the word.

The easiest way to share via email is to use the following link: The link will send supporters to a page where they can send an email message to their legislators or receive instructions on how to call. A call or an email only takes a couple of minutes to complete.