Hello! It’s so good to have a minute to connect with you. I’d like to share with you what we will be doing for our last service project this school year. With precautions so many businesses, nursing homes and community areas are taking regarding COVID, we have not been able to visit nursing homes or serve in the same capacity as we have in the past. However, being created in God’s image, we are people who still need other people! We are created for relationships and Jesus knows that better than anyone. He came to be the ultimate servant in order to restore our relationship with our Father.

For our final service project in lieu of our normal Day Of Service, we are going to have a “Week of Service” from May 10, through the 13. What will it look like? Let’s take a look.

  • On Monday we’ll talk about serving after watching an introductory video together. Ask your child what the video was about!
  • On Tuesday our Social Media Associate, Autumn Jones, and I will be on campus to help students reconnect with residents at nursing homes where we have not been able to visit. We will be filming students (during recess and lunch times) speaking to residents telling them hello, a little about service week and hopes to visit them in the future. We will combine those interviews with footage from Ms. Stivers and a song performance and send those videos to our nursing homes for residents to view.
  • On Wednesday we will collect “Birthday Blessing Bags” to benefit children who live in residential single parent housing at Family Scholar House. These birthday gift bags are actually party items in a birthday gift bag that enable a family to put on a party for their child. We want everyone to be able to participate! So, here’s how we made our own “Birthday Blessing Bag.” At the Dollar Tree at Dixie Manor, we bought one happy birthday bag and stuffed it with an aluminum cake pan, a box of cake mix, a box of candles, a can of frosting, a card, a bag of balloons, a package of streamers and a birthday tiara. That’s a total of $9! If you are unable to make a birthday bag, your child can always make a homemade card. To really understand, watch the video here of Mrs. Carson and me!
  • On Thursday each class will gather the birthday bags from their classroom and bring them downstairs for a time of prayer for all those who will receive them. Our 8th graders will then travel to Life Church on Pages lane (just around the corner) to help on their church campus.

After this week, think about talking with your child about all the Lord has given to us. Let’s ask ourselves, how can I use this to show others Christ, to be a blessing to the world, my city, my school, my church, my neighborhood, my family and friends?

Living in the Joy of Christ,

Aimée Games
Parent and Community Relations Associate
Christian Academy School System
P: (502) 753-4561