We are continually looking for ways to connect and support our school family. We have a digital signage monitor mounted on the wall in the first floor lobby. This is a valuable tool in connecting our school family in a multitude of ways, through announcements, promotions for upcoming events and celebrating campus birthdays.

One new way we would like to utilize this monitor is by showing our faculty and staff how much we appreciate all they do! This year, once again, they are working diligently to ensure our kids are able to continue in-person learning. There are extra duties, extra time, effort and resources in play for all of them to make this happen.

We would love to show them how much we appreciate all they do with ‘words of appreciation’ from you! If you would like to participate, please send an appreciation note via email to sewilson@caschools.us. This can be for a group of people (cafeteria workers, office staff, middle school teachers, etc.) or for a specific individual. We will post these on our digital signage monitor to help encourage and show our faculty and staff how much we appreciate all the ways they go above and beyond for our kids each and every day! Please contact Mrs. Wilson in the office if you have any questions.