Change the USA for Christ Week will take place March 28 – April 1. Students will be able to change their outward appearance for the week as a reminder that we each need to change on the inside. In the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are given the promise that anyone who comes to Christ in faith will have an internal change take place – i.e. the changing from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh (cf. Ezekiel 36:26-27).

Mellow Monday – Pajamas or Sweat Pants

Tacky Tuesday – Dress as a Tacky Tourist of the USA

Western Wednesday – Western Themed Attire

Throwback Thursday – Dress Like Another Decade

Fanatic Friday – Favorite Sports Team Attire

Each day, students will pay one dollar to dress out (students may pay five dollars on Monday to cover the week). All money collected will go to support the Jackson family who serves as missionaries in Asia.

Click here for a video from Mrs. Carson regarding each day and then please note the following.

Important Reminders:

  1. This is a week to have fun but also a reminder to be faithful in supporting the Jackson Family as they share the Gospel overseas.
  2. Footwear for each day needs to be closed-toe, closed-heel shoes for safety. No flip flops, sandals or slippers.
  3. Any attire worn needs to be appropriate fit and length as well as follow the expectations for modesty outlined in our Family Handbooks in the Dress Code Section.
  4. The administration reserves the right to contact parents if needed to bring a change of clothes.