Christian Academy School System | Christian Academy of Louisville | CashbookOur Cashbook coupon book sale has started! Cashbook has hundreds of dollars in local savings and Christian Academy of Louisville – Southwest Campus will profit 60% from every sale made. The cashbook will save you money all year long and they also make great holiday gifts.

You can support Christian Academy of Louisville – Southwest Campus for just $20.00 and the cashbook pays for itself. The cashbook is not free. Your child brought home a large white envelope with a cashbook and order form.

This sale ends on Wednesday, October 5. Please make sure the envelope and cashbook are returned. We must have every student’s envelope returned either with payment or the cashbook sample in order to track our sales.

As an incentive for any household that sells 10 or more coupon books, those students will be allowed to wear Spirit Wear shirts and jeans for all school days in December EXCEPT for Christmas Chapel Day on Thursday, December 15.