The week of September 19-23, Christian Academy Southwest will be celebrating the nations through Change the World for Christ. During this week teachers, staff and students will have their attention focused on the nations and the Savior of those nations. To be mindful of each nation students will be enlightened to specific needs each country is currently experiencing when it comes to the spread of the gospel (i.e. missionaries) and establishment of churches (i.e. Christians). During this week of celebration, students will be asked to wear a specific color each day during the week of September 19. For students to dress out they will need to donate $1 (The donations raised will still go to the Jackson family, who are missionaries in Asia). Students may also wear blue jeans, uniform shorts/pants and/or accessories (e.g. bracelets, scrunchies, hair bows, socks, etc…) that represent the country and/or match the color of the day.

  • Monday (September 19): Ukraine (class color = Blue and/or Yellow )
  • Tuesday (September 20): North Korea (class color = Red )
  • Wednesday (September 21): Mexico: (class color = Orange )
  • Thursday (September 22): Russia (class color = Blue )
  • Friday (September 23): Ireland (class color = Green )

We invite you all to join Christian Academy Southwest during our week of Change the World for Christ. We ask that you pray for the many missionaries serving in these countries, for the Christians in these countries that they would be faithful to proclaim the gospel, for the governments of these nations that they would cease their hostility toward Christ, and for the people of these nations that their hearts would be providentially opened to respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, pray for us and our students that we may be filled with missionary zeal for the lost and the only Savior given amongst men by which the lost may be saved.

Important Reminders:

  • Check the Family Handbook for Dress Code policies.
  • Clothing that is see-through, tight fitting, midriff, low-cut or high slit garments are not allowed.
  • All outfits must be gender appropriate.
  • Tutus and tights are not allowed.
  • Shorts must come to the knee.

The administration reserves the right to ask any student dressed inappropriately to change.

*Click here for a printable flyer with this information.