In Safe Touch, session two, we focus on feelings and secrets. We learn that God made our feelings, and that our feelings can gives us clues about what might be going on. We learn about the “uh oh” feelings, that uncomfortable feeling that something isn’t right. We also learn that feeligns can be tricky, so it’s always important to talk to a trusted adult about our feelings.

The “uh oh” feeling about a touch is one clue that the touch might be unsafe or a No Way touch. Another big danger clue is if someone tries to force a child or trick a child. We use puppets to show the meanings of force and trick.

Secrets can be tricky! We learn the differences between fun “surprise” secrets and unhealthy or dangerous secrets. And we reinforce the rules about secrets – a child can ALWAYS tell a trusted adult ANY secret, and trusted adults like Mom and Dad are ALWAYS except from secret keeping promises. We practice ways to tell a mom or a dad or a trusted adult secrets.

Talking to trusted adults is an important way to stay SAFE. Each child will name FIVE grownups they trust and who they will talk to about secrets, touch and feelings. We discuss the reason for having five (so a safe someone who knows how to help will be available.)

And we review that Unsafe Touch is never the child’s fault and that it is ALWAYS okay to talk.