Many of you have asked about supporting other CAL and CAI families during this time. One way is through the support of restaurants owned by Christian Academy families and sponsors. If you wish to do so, here is a list of the restaurants that we know are owned by families who are part of the Christian Academy community. (If you own a restaurant and are not included, please let me know and we’ll be glad to add you.) 

Please be aware that the ordering, delivery and pick-up options are subject to change so be sure to confirm this when you place your orders. 

We realize that there are many other businesses that are owned by Christian Academy families. However, at this time, we know that many of you are ordering out and we want to make you aware of restaurants that may be in your area for your consideration. 

As part of the Christian Academy community, you are all in our daily prayers and we are grateful to join with you as part of the Christian Academy family.