We are excited about gathering students, teachers and staff on our campuses! We are planning for a traditional school year and will work with our governors and health departments to find the best balance of exceptional education opportunities with safety for all.

Across the Christian Academy School System, information regarding the start of school will be sent to families next week. The email you receive from your child’s/children’s school(s) will provide the instructions you need to prepare to start school. The email will include important information, schedules and deadlines for forms collection as well as links to all pertinent documents. Please promptly complete and submit the required forms in Facts Family Portal. Please know that any missing forms or incomplete data could delay your child’s start of school.

Click here for a short message from Superintendent-elect, Darin Long.

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school. Please join us in praying for a productive and peaceful school year for our students, families and staff.